100 Days

That is all it takes – Shaun van Eck is starting a tourism consultancy business.  I sincerely hope it works for him. He put a lot of energy into Knysna and there are questions about the way Tourism handled things which will never be answered. Be that as it may I have suggested that he gets to know a bit more about the net and that over the next one hundred days we build this platform.


2 thoughts on “100 Days

  1. Well, I believe there is a business planning to teach tourist related institutions “how to ” for their industry.

    As in most South African ( or maybe world wide) businesses, the owners of SMME’s are forced to wear almost all the hats in their businesses. So they pretend to understand accounting, pretend to understand marketing and also human resources and any other subject that rears its’ head on a daily basis.

    Well the newly launched program will teach how to do each thing with a plan to mentor and assist you each step and offer expert input on the things that they lack experience in or training on…I LOVE IT !!

    How to get onto industry trade shows, how to handle clients, how to mail information and invites to events to fill your establishments. Learn Quirks of the industry that seldom reach the smaller operations to use to your advantage.

    How to expose your businesses to niche markets…..man, it is like having access to your own Tourism Guru on call.

    And, you can ask questions and get guidance and go on workshops and festivals as part of the project and work hand in hand with people that have done it all a million times ( ok maybe not a million :-))

    Now there is a TOURISM COACH, ready to help you get your tourism related establish on top of the “I must go there, and check out this place” list.

    Cannot wait to get my copy of the program

  2. And then there is the chapter about Google. The one that is forever changing. Trails that fan out converge and disappear in a swirl of dust. Love it, hate it. It is the obvious gateway to new markets and opportunities.

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