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 Ask the Locals is a social enterprise and  workshop project building an open information platform and micro-business incubator.

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  1. Hi, I am new to this area and recently came across your Too Bad -So Sad ad in the Action Ads which piqued my interest. So I went on to your website and read a bit.Did speed read however, as at times I’m impatient to get to the jist of the piece. So if I’m correct in understanding that you are promoting community business awareness in order to increase business and free flow of money within our borders rather that looking to the influx of tourists to do this.
    Well, I’m in Sedgefield and unfortunately the industry I’m in is a lot more difficult to financially survive in. But I am determined to survive and what I have noticed while doing business with the locals is that more exposure is definately needed. I think there are so many talented small home business based business with so so exposure but if we all banded together and supported each other who knows, the sky could be the limit. While I agree unfortunately that it has come down to self-preservation and survival mode, one shouldnt lose sight of the fact that we are a community and that together we stand, divided we fall is so true. Anyway, it is wonderful that there are still amazing people out there that still care about humanity and the bigger picture than only being focused on oneself. Well Done!

  2. Thx. I didn’t think anyone would notice. I am dressing the site, slowly. A bit too slowly but we will get there. Don’t you teach pattern making and sewing? Would you not like to let me have an informal write up about the stuff you do and I will post it on one or more of our sites.

    Have a look at . Would you not like me to show you how to drive ? It’s dead easy, free and will take no more time than you can spare.


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