Jetty Tapas and Mitchells Draft

As it started to bucket down we scurried to the beer tent at the fun fair. I warned the boys we were wasting our time queuing for tickets but they were very focused and who listens to Dad anyway. Once safely under canvas I started looking around for supper. The options were limited but there was a table serving Paella. And that is different enough to warrant investigation.

It looked the part but it was the Jetty Tapas tee-shirt on display that started the conservation.

Keith, minus a leg and with a few more miles under his belt, was shovelling the rice, cutting the baguette. And the bit I liked, there were none of those plastics forks to be seen anywhere. You get a mussel shell, a piece of bread and if those don’t work  how about some finger food? Different. And Jetty Tapas in it’s time, was definitely different. Knysna at both its best and its worst. Times when the town was driven by imagination and an energy it appears to lack today. It was Bitou Crafts, Old Drift Chalets and the raft at the Heads. Funny Birds, Feathers, Die Oude Fabriek and Mitchell’s Draft.

And in between shovelling paella around the pan, Keith is talking about the Parks Board and doing it all again, even though the Knysna he knew has changed. Thesen Island has changed. But so what, why not? Even if it doesn’t quite turn out quite the way its intended we need to keep doing stuff, to keep dreaming and reaching for the unattainable.

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