Writers Workshop

The local business community is facing some of the toughest economic times ever. Our markets are shrinking and the situation impacts all of us in one way or another.

This has inspired us to challenge other businesses in Knysna to take action. By positively addressing the situation and creating reasons to work together in pursuit of a common goal; we believe it is possible to use the internet to open doors to new markets, expoiting opportunities that exist for those that that take the trouble to look for them. All it requires is imagination, and the understanding, that we can achieve so much more simply by getting seen to be making ouselves useful.

There is a growing global demand for well-written web content and our idea is to showcase our local writers, by doing whatever we can to get their work into the public domain, thereby generating an income from the commissions they need to keep writing. Very simply, we would like to invite emerging writers to submit short features to a writers workshop, building up a portfolio of their work. The content of which, we will promote locally, nationally and internationally.

We want to create a ‘shop window’ for both local writers and the Garden Route in general. By encouraging people to write, and at the same time to promotinge the natural beauty, of what is one of the most stunning and diverse travel destinations in the world, we can establish a resource and a thriving cottage industry in Knysna.

Witnessing established businesses of this town closing one after the other, is soul-destroying, and we intend to challenge that. There is an enormous amount of talent seeking an outlet and our intention is to prise open the door and allow it to flood into a corner of the internet, attracting attention to this unique area.

Ultimately, if we can generate work for one hundred and twenty five people, each earning one thousand US dollars a month, every month, this will inject an extra million rand a month into the local economy. Imagine how many restaurant meals that translates into! The month end bills that will get paid, the rent, electricity, school fees and vehicle repair payments. The cycles of growth are all connected.

Surely it has to be worth trying. What have we got to lose?



3 thoughts on “Writers Workshop

  1. Hi there
    I am a writer, based in Knysna. I am currently published in the Edge under the heading, Slow Diaries.
    I would love to be involved.
    Do you need assistance with web design – my husband is a web designer and also deals with mobile phone web sites (www.gomobi.co.za).

  2. Always need assistance be it with web sites or writing. I would like to see a pool of writers marketing their services to a global market and starting a cottage industry which grows into other areas such as internet marketing, design and development. But having had no experience selling writing skills I may be way off target. Does it make sense? When you say you are a writer, how easy is it to become a writer? Besides the Edge how do you get seen?


  3. Hi Mark,
    You proposal sounds interesting and I would like to know more about it. Do you have a contact number or e-mail where we can contact you?

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