This is not complicated stuff. Its about as basic as you can get.

There is no money in town. Or if you are one of those that likes to take a more positive approach to these things, there is less money in town than there was last year.  But irrespective of how you choose to view the situation what it means is that we all have every reason to look for any excuse to reverse the trend and change our individual circumstances.

And what better way, than to get people writing, to get them to communicate and to promote not only the area but the businesses in the area. If you run a business and you are finding that the gaps between one invoice and the next is getting longer, you want to advertise. And in addition to everything else you think you should be doing  you want to start looking at the net. You need and every business in town needs writers to write short sharp and informal posts about the businesses we are running. Posts that you scatter around the web where they can be found by all those new customers who are looking for the stuff  you do so well.  So why not challenge the local writers to write about your business? Why not challenge them to write about other businesses in the area? Why not challenge them to write about the things that make this area special and why not start buying the best? Why not help them to help you?

We will post them on the net for you free of charge and we will show you why this is a good idea. It’s not difficult nor is it expensive to get the net to work. You just have to be prepared to look for new ideas and to learn which buttons to push.

Companies wanting to participate and to sponsor a competition need to draft their challenge setting out the entry requirements, the guidelines the writers need to follow and criteria they will use to judge the entries. This can be mailed through to us at competition@askthelocals.co.za

At this stage I suggest we limit ourselves to three formats:

– Short posts          150 to 300 words

– Review                   300 to 600 words

-Feature                   +600 words

And if you need any help putting your challenge together please  feel free to contact me on the same address.


Find It SA