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Find It is inviting entrants to write three short posts of between 150 and 250 words covering three of the topics listed below. These should be submitted in plain text and mailed to together with one or two pictures as an attachment.  You also need to submit a personal biography and if you intend to write commercially using a pseudonym a second “public” biography to be published on the net.

Closing date for this, the first, challenge is 15/03/12 when we will award nominal cash prizes for what we consider to be the best entries received. However this is all as new to us as it is no doubt to you. We are feeling our way into it and the chances are that everything is likely to change as we see what sort of response we get.

We are looking for content that is both personal and informal. We are looking for short, sharp, hard hitting posts that are based on personal experience rather than sugar coated, air brushed, advertorials. And your pictures are as important as the text you submit. This is a net based and experimental workshop which we hope will be as much  fun as it will be challenging and ultimately rewarding.

Garden Route Attitude – Something special

Sunday Lunch at Jades Cafe at the Heath

Radical Raptors

The Indigenous Forests in the Garden Route


Hiking Trails

Picnic Spots

Forest Elephants

Crafters and Craft Markets

The Personalities

The Smallest Shop in Knysna (Lynn’s Bookshop Memorial Square)

Artisan Foods in the Garden Route

Farm stalls Produce & Home Industries

Festivals and Markets

Bistros & Restaurants

Art in Eden

In addition to what will be nominal cash prizes Find It undertakes to do everything we can to promote your work to a global market. This is what we perceive this challenge to be all about.  We will also offer selected writers access to workshop web sites, ongoing support and mentoring.

Participation in the challenge gives Find It, Ask the Locals and Workshop Web the right to publish the content, submitted to us, however and wherever we choose, with a credit and link back to the author’s biography. This credit at the author’s option.

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  1. Hey, what an excellent idea. There are all sorts of people with all kinds of talent out there who just can’t wait to be heard. There is also a flurry in the advertising industry to find writers. I worked with these people and now I employ myself full time with nothing but a laptop and a modem. I have managed to create a viable portfolio as a professional freelance writer.

  2. Do you believe you could benefit by promoting other writers who are quite possibly charging less than you do? This is where it gets difficult. Contacts and clients are hard to come by and in a competitive market surely these are assets one wants to guard jealously?

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