Naturally Knysna

Naturally Knysna is about rejuvenating the economy of Knysna based on the principles that guide the successful functioning of natural ecosystems like a forest.  Key principles in this include:
a) always treating waste as a resource
b) continually improving, adapting and evolving and continually closing the loops
c) promoting cooperation and collaboration
d) committing to keeping it local
e) always being as efficient as possible
f) and always operating in a way that doesn’t pollute, deplete or poison.
The challenge is for you to write about one or all of these key principles.  Tell us in your words what they mean to you.  And then come up with ideas as to how we can start putting them into practice.

Entries can be of as long or short as you choose. These should be submitted in plain text and mailed to together with one or two pictures you see as being relevant.  You must also submit a personal biography explaining who you are and the interests you have. If you intend to write commercially using a pseudonym you will need a second “public” biography which can be published on the net.
Closing date for this challenge is 31/03/12 when we will judge the best entries received. The winners will go onto a contributors  short list and we will promote your services as a commercial writer and contributor to this workshop. You will also be invited to join Workshop Web. Where you can participate in an online mentoring programme learning how to run and manage a simple web site as well how to get it seen on Google.
Participation in the challenge gives Naturally Knysna, Ask the Locals and Workshop Web the right to publish the content, submitted to us, however and wherever we choose, with a credit and link back to the author’s biography. This credit at the author’s option.