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  1. I am completing, editing my book written over twelve years, concerning life and everything from choice, light of life, honesty, potential, wisdom, health, education, life after life, death, truth about love and peace and more. This is man’s Divine Purpose, as I am inspired by the Spirit to write. The world need to read. Connected to an international publisher, but issues made me look elsewhere. Just saw this and trust somebody will be able to assist in giving me some options. Thanks.

  2. A long, long story. Are you living in the Garden Route?

    This particular project is intended to do two things. The first is to focus on some of the people and attractions in Knysna and the Garden Route. And secondly to identify local writers and to market their skills using the internet to secure them work wherever there is a demand for those services.

    How can we help? Are you familiar with eBooks? Do you have a web site?


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